Classified Ads and Miami Beach lodging scams

While searching for new ways to locate great deals on holiday vacations, consumers discovered the benefits of free classified websites such as Over the past few years Craigslist has become one of the most utilized websites for advertising and numerous vacation rental owners have begun using it to place ads for their Miami Beach Lodging.

While there are many honest people there are still a lot of people placing ads for the purpose of taking one’s hard earned money. Unfortunately, unsuspecting vacationers are being scammed by dishonest individuals placing false advertisements of Miami Beach lodging properties for the purpose of taking ones money.  The amount of complaints by people that have been scammed has skyrocketed and would-be renters are encouraged to conduct a real due diligence before booking Miami Beach Lodging.

Scammers have become extremely smart making it necessary for renters to increase their efforts to avoid being swindled. Here are a few things to look out for:

Hint: Phone number is outside of Miami. - Renters should preferably rent from someone that is based in Miami, how could renters be helped if so called owner is out of state.

Hint: Broken English with a Foreign Accent - Most of the Miami lodging complaints are coming from people that have been scammed by someone that lives outside of the U.S. Beware of the foreign scammers that pretend to be local and post ads in your city. Often time their English is not good and they might have a heavy accent. Sometimes they will even tell you that they are out of the country on vacation.

Hint: Purchase not available for pick up? Classified ads like Craigslist are sub classified by location making it easy for travelers to locate vacation accommodations in their destination city. But if a buyer tells you he can not provide you with additional pictures of the vacation rental you want, a red flag should go up. They might even use the excuse that they have gone out of town telling you to send the deposit anyway and once they are home they will send more pictures. This is a Miami vacation rentals scam.

Hint: You have to wire transfer the deposit – Too many complaints come from people that have sent their deposit and never hear from the person that placed the ad again. Often time the advertiser tells them they are having problems with their bank and to please wire transfer the deposit. Unless you know personally who you are sending money too, never wire transfer money. Craigslist even has a warning on their website that says "wiring money is a scam."
We are encouraging renters to use an established Miami Beach lodging specialist such as to reserve their holidays. We have the best selection of homes and condos at the best prices and stand behind our rentals.

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