Hotel Chains Miami

A hotel chain is an assortment or grouping of hotels that are under one recognizable brand and operated by a management company or independently owned. There are hotel chains Miami like Renaissance Hotels and Resorts or the Best Western which claims to be the largest hotel chain in the world. When travelers are in Miami for the first time they tend to stay in familiar hotel chains Miami because the know what to expect. This logic most often is wrong and here’s why…

As you know, lodging Miami chain hotels tend to be the larger accommodations and might not necessarily be run the brand name. These hotel chains Miami are actually individual franchises or independently owned. Their only requirement is that they meet some basic company standards to remain part of the chain. A majority if these independently owned hotels only meet the minimal requirements to keep the chain name which means they might not be equal as well maintained.

Here are the pros:

Hotel chains Miami

  • You know what to expect
  • Can book online
  • Accept most credit cards
  • Liberal cancellation policies


Independently Hotel Chains Miami

  • Uncommon styles of accommodations
  • Often less expensive
  • A more personalized experience
  • More of a cultural flavor


And the Cons:

Hotel chains Miami

  • Frequently a cleaner type ambience
  • Often more costly
  • Tends to be a more common experience


Independent Lodging Miami

  • Not always sure what you're getting
  • Language barriers
  • Booking difficulties and up front deposits
  • Strict cancellation Fees and Policies



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