Classified Ads and Miami Vacation Rentals Scams

classified ads and Miami Vacation rentals scams

Are you planning a South Florida vacation or business trip? If so, you shouldn’t have any problem finding Miami lodging. There are plenty of Miami hotels facilities perfect for family vacations or business trips. In fact, there are so many Miami hotels facilities if you stayed in a different one every night for a year you still would not be close staying in all of them.

The reason for this is Miami is such a tourist oriented town and there are hundreds of thousands of visitors each year that are in need of Miami lodging accommodations. To keep the city’s economy booming the city must have enough Miami hotels facilities to accommodate everyone. Regardless of their budget or personally preferences this city has Miami lodging accommodations to fit everyone’s needs.

When choosing your Miami hotels facilities for you vacation or business trip there are a three major factors to take in to consideration before booking:

  • Use an online Miami travel guide or hotel finder and compare prices before calling the hotel directly or going directly or going to their website to book a room. By pre entering your Miami lodging budget, these sites will pull up the hotels that match your criteria keeping you from waiting time on hotels that are out of your budget.

  • Now your neighborhoods – Make sure you are familiarized with the various neighborhoods in Miami before searching for your accommodations. Like any city Miami has its good areas and not so safe neighborhoods. When searching online you can often get lost with the numerous hotels they offer. Narrow it down by the area or zip code you want to stay in.

  • Are there certain amenities you require? – Make sure that the amenities that you want are provided with your accommodations. You can check the hotels website and most hotel booking engines will have a concise list of amenities for each hotel.


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