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When planning a lodging Miami vacation there are several different considerations particularly when choosing one of the many hotels Miami.  There’s a large variety of hotels Miami and picking the right one may be difficult.  Most people are budget-conscious so the price of your accommodations is a major consideration. Decide what fits within your budget and in that price range what can what you can expect from your lodging Miami choice.

When choosing your lodging Miami there are a variety of factors to consider like what kind of people does the hotel cater to and what services and amenities are available by plus and much more. Below is a list of various types of hotels Miami that vacationers may choose form:

  1. Luxury hotels Miami: Luxury hotels are usually 5-star hotel offering full amenities and lavish rooms. They offer all possible luxuries from the comfort of an extravagant bed to spa treatments plus indulgence to insure their guests stay is perfect.
  2. Budget hotels Miami: Budget hotels are affordable for most travelers’ budget and provide all basic amenities to the tourists. These hotels are the most common and best option for all those looking for affordable accommodations not finding it sensible to waste money over unnecessary luxuries.
  3. Boutique hotels: Boutique hotels are smaller and often hip and trendy and classified by their uniqueness and style. Boutique hotels are intimate with fewer rooms and usually more luxurious and more costly than budget hotels but not necessarily as lavish and expensive as a 5-star lodging Miami hotel.

Hotels however are not the only choice for accommodations in Miami. Miami vacation homes and condo rentals are becoming more and more popular each year and often the first choice among vacation and business travelers.


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