Miami Lodging by Owner vs. Management Company

Miami vacation homes and condos are the preferred choice for family vacations; however there is a great deal to think about. When considering lodging there is often a lot of confusion about who to book through; Miami lodging by owner or through a management company? While the internet has almost everything you need to know about vacation rentals by owners, Miami management companies may not  presented everything accurately.

The recent Miami real estate bubble encouraged many investors and property owners to convert their condo or villa into vacation rentals. With a majority of Miami’s tourism centralized in the areas of Miami Beach and South Beach, many investors and owners chose to convert their properties to vacation rentals by owner Miami.  At first it seems like an easy transition but in realty offering short term rentals is quite complicated and very difficult without the support of a good team. Here are the most important things If you are going to market Miami lodging by owner here are important things to  focus on to insure a successful vacation rental; the best of quality, impeccable service and competitive prices.

Quality To reduce the risk of unexpected problems, vacation rentals must be maintained year round, furnishings must be updated periodically and extra amenities offered. Vacation condos and villas are hold a standard equal to or higher then a luxury hotel. South Beach lodging by owners such as are selective as to which properties they manage, choosing only the best quality condos and homes to offer. If you rent directly through an owner, the chances are they are local and therefore not regularly maintain their property. Problems could go days before someone arrives to address them. Vacationers may even arrive to find a rental that has not been well kept and in some cases not guests may be forced to find another lodging option.

Service - Professional vacation rental management company’s try to go that extra mile to provide guests with information on attractions like best attractions, great Miami restaurants, points of interest and other things to do in Miami. Additionally, check ins and check outs are done in person eliminating the hassle of having to mail keys back to an out of town owner. Also, if guests are not satisfied with their vacation rental, for whatever reason, management companies will move them to one of their other properties. If you rent from an owner of a single property you have no choice but to stay or find alternative lodging someplace else. has a professional maintenance staff that’s available seven days a week, quality service including housekeeping, 24-hour maintenance, check-in, and even concierge services.
Price Management agencies keep their vacation rental prices low to remain competitive and most often times are less expensive then booked directly through an owner.  Miami Beach vacation rental agencies regularly change their prices to reflect the current rental market. This often results in significant savings for vacationers. In many cases, owners who list their property on their own or on rent-by-owner websites set their prices at the beginning of the year and leave them as-is for the rest of the season. Management companies have full time staff whose job it is to regularly check their competitor’s prices regularly and to have a thorough knowledge of the rental market to ensure guests receive the best rates.
Here are the advantages of booking your vacation rental through a management company:

1.    Book Miami Beach lodging through a professional

A professional management company has one job to focus on and that is taking care of properties. They have a team of knowledgeable employees and the expertise that a home owner might not have. A vacation rental company has the skills and the organization to prevent issues or in the worst case scenario to solve them in a timely manner.

2.    More of an inventory to choose from

Another advantage of booking your Miami Beach lodging accommodations through a management company is simple; you have more to choose form. Management companies will have many vacation homes and apartments to select from where an owner may only have one or two.

3.    Guaranteed less problematic vacation

What are you going to do when you arrive and you are not satisfied or there is a problem with your vacation rental? When renting South Beach lodging by owners you can not move to another property and they might not have someone on-call to fix any problems that arise. Management companies have plenty of properties and 24 hour maintenance staff. They can move you to a new rental and have a problem fixed the same day. has customer service agents available seven days a week to answer any questions you have regarding the Miami Beach lodging. Call them at (305) 673.3958 to find the best Miami vacation rentals.



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