Miami Survival Tips & Visitors Information

Is this your first trip to in South Florida? Navigating Miami can be a chore for newcomers but our Miami survival tips and Miami lodging tips should help you maneuver your way around local airports, transit and customs.
Miami International Airport
With fourteen million people flying in to Miami, the airports can be disorderly, crowded and at times disorienting. Miami International Airport itself is rated second in the United States for the most international passenger traffic and 10th in the world for total passengers. Just passing through this airport can be a major task for some people.
Miami Survival Tip - If someone is picking you up at Miami International Airport or if you're are planning on taking a taxi, Miami shuttle or to rent a car, try exiting on the departures level instead of the covered and somewhat claustrophobic arrivals level. Here is a link to a detailed guide and complete rates and charges for Miami Shuttles and other airport transportation.....Miami Airport Transportation.
Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport
Fort Lauderdale Airport is smaller and much simpler to maneuver that Miami International Airport. Travelers that are flying to South Florida from within the United States will find that Fort Lauderdale Airport it is often times cheaper.

Miami Survival Tip - There are a variety of ground transportation options from Fort Lauderdale Airport to surrounding destinations. After you pick up your bags use the baggage claim exit to go outside the terminal where you can access all ground transportation. You can make arrangements for a taxi cab, shared ride, or a luxury sedan car at any of the Transportation Podiums. Here is a link with the complate rates and charges for all airport transportation from Ft. Lauderdale airport to surrounding areas.....FLL Airport Transportation.
Getting Around
South Florida resembles Los Angeles and for visitors places like Miami can appear rather large and sometimes confusing. Mass transportation options are generally geared towards locals. If you are staying in a Miami lodging vacation home in North Miami Beach transportation will be necessary. If you don’t want to take a taxi everywhere then you need to look in to Miami car rentals. South Beach however is different; the distances between places on the beach are short and most often within walking distance.
Miami Survivai Tip: Taxis are on every corner and are fairly cheap when traveling with in South Beach.  The best way to travel in South Beach and the most practical way is by bus.  For only 25¢ the South Beach Local will get you there. This local bus runs every 12 to 20 minutes daily from bus stops staggered around South Beach. The South Beach Local runs from one end of the beach to the other, stopping on every block or whenever some one rings the bell. See below for a route map. Follow this link for more information and the South Beach local bus route map.....South Beach Local Bus Route.

South Beach now has a FREE transportation service called Swoop Miami. It is a 6-passenger electric golf cart that will pick you up and take you anywhere you need to go from 1st to 23rd Street between and Ocean Drive to the Bay. Just call or send a text message and they will arrive within 15 minutes. You may have to share a ride with other passengers but it’s quick and free. Please give the driver a tip! Text Swoop Miami at 305-409-6636.
Language and Customs
Nearly 65% of Miami’s population is either from Latin America or of Latin descent. You will hear Spanish used almost everywhere but English is the language of preference, especially when dealing with business and government. Laws vary from state to state, including speed limit, fines and punishment. The age at which you may legally buy and consume alcohol is 21 years.
It is customary to give a 15% tip to taxi drivers, bartenders, hairdressers and waiters. Many Miami restaurants in South Beach and other touristy areas automatically add a 15-18 percent tip to the bill, so be careful nit to tip twice. You do not have to tip in fast-food or self-service restaurants. In expensive restaurants or for large parties, a 20% tip is suggested. It is normal to tip staff in hotels. Most services are customarily tipped if the service is good.


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