Types of lodging facilities

types of lodging

There are many different types of lodging that are generally divided into two categories: commercial and non commercial lodging. There are commercial lodging facilities like a bed and breakfast, a guest house or a vacation rental like the Miami affordable lodging condos that have become increasingly more popular. Then there are non-commercial lodgings like hospitality services or lodging in the home of friend or at campsite. These two categories may include three types of lodging. The first is stationary lodging like a hostel or a Miami affordable lodging hotel. Then there are the semi-permanent lodgings like an emergency shelter or even an igloo. Lastly we have mobile lodging which includes a camper, trailer or even a house boat.

Travelers have a wide variety of different types of lodging facilities to choose from. Types of lodging are based on what services are offered as well as the location and amenities offered. The lodging industry caters to a variety of guests like corporate and business travelers and families on vacation. Each traveler may have different lodging needs which could range from a weekend at a bed and breakfast to a Miami affordable lodging rental for a family vacation.

The tourism and travel agency in South Florida different types of lodging facilities into four main categories: vacation rentals, hotels, hostels and condo hotels ranging from luxurious to more Miami affordable lodging.


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