Who offers Miami hotels?

Since the hotel chains Miami room rates can vary so drastically its best to shop around before reserving your Miami Beach cheap lodging room. Use the power of the internet and by checking on line with hotel consolidators and booking engines. However you may just find the best deal by calling the hotel chains Miami directly. Here are some steps to help you find the best Miami Beach cheap lodging hotel room:

Price comparison websites

  • Start with websites that do price comparison such as SideStep and Kayak that check multiple websites, including hotel consolidators and booking services for the best Miami Beach cheap lodging hotel rate. Make a note of the hotel name and cheapest rate you are given.

Call hotel chains Miami directly

  • By calling the Miami hotel directly you might get a lower price. Make sure you call the hotel directly and not just the 800 number for the hotel chains Miami.
  • Ask the hotel if they will match the lowest price you found online. If they don’t ask for a discount of if they will upgrade you to a better room.

Bid for Miami Beach Cheap Lodging Room

  • If you’re not locked into specific dates for travel try bidding online for a hotel room, on Priceline or Hotwire. The hotels are deeply discounted, but you won't be able to choose the specific hotel you’ll be staying but the rates are extremely discounted.

The internet has many websites offering discounted hotel rates but ultimately the best way to get a Miami Beach Cheap Lodging hotel room is to pick up the phone. Do it the old fashion way and call the hotel itself. Remember: it never hurts to ask.


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